Are you a
Kitchen / Joinery Manufacturer?

Maybe you’re hand drawing at present and considering CAD. Or you currently have cabinet design software that doesn’t meet all your needs, or your original criteria or business has changed. You may need to import architectural drawings or PDFs.

Without the flexibility and speed you require to create designs, your current software is inhibiting the growth and efficiency of your business.

But with QuantumCAD Design you can create any cabinetry – be it kitchens, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes or built-in furniture – in an intuitive ‘point and shoot’ environment that generates both 2D plans, elevations and 3D presentations. It provides accurate line drawings and superb rendered images of your designs.

As a full architectural package it allows you to import and export virtually any file formats and also PDFs.

The process doesn’t involve multiple levels of dialogue boxes, nor does it rely on macros or complex Excel formulas to create and design. Any shape can be drawn and one of the most popular features is the ability to handle complex shapes and curves. It’s a very dynamic design process – what you see is what you get!

Benefits at a glance:

  • workflow becomes much faster – you ‘create’ the cabinet once and build libraries of standard items. Any new designs can be saved to your library
  • all designs are parametric – so dimensional changes are easy
  • finishes can be easily and quickly changed – to match your client’s preferences, with content related to the local market
  • superb presentation to clients – in any of the many available outputs
  • generate quoting, costing, cutting lists, unit lists, parts lists and material requirements – direct from the drawing.