QuantumCAD software combines the power of Vectorworks Architect with interiorCAD, enriching design detail for interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, all cabinetry and joinery.

Prepare detailed drawings across the entire design journey with QuantumCAD software, from concept, plans, and presentation to the technical drawing for CNC fabrication.

  • QuantumCAD Design

    For architects, interior and kitchen designers

    This is the product we recommend for architects needing to draw and detail any type of cabinetry and interior joinery. It’s also our recommended (and much used) product for both interior and kitchen designers.

    With QuantumCAD Design you can:

    • have full architectural ability – walls, windows, doors, floors ceilings, all architectural elements
    • import CAD files and PDFs
    • design in 2D/3D
    • drag and drop from libraries
    • create your own libraries
    • apply industry standard handles, castors and levellers
    • create curved shapes
    • have industry leading rendering ability
    • present designs to clients in a wide variety of formats
    • view your design with your client in augmented reality on IOS or Android.
  • QuantumCAD Detail

    For cabinetmakers and joiners

    QuantumCAD Detail has all of the QuantumCAD Design features but allows the user to then detail the construction of every aspect of the design.

    Detailed aspects such as fixings, cams, screws dowels and mortice and tenon are all covered.

    Great emphasis is placed on simplifying such items as:

    • routing and rebates
    • contours
    • cut-outs
    • drilling
    • editing of curves
    • mitres
    • automatic mitreing of components
    • drawing a design in 2D then converting to a component with a single click
    • drilling templates that can be stored to a library
    • drilling grids that can be stored to a library.

    Different finishes can be applied to every component. Different finishes and thicknesses can be applied to edges. Grain direction can be adjusted.

    Hettich, Haffele and Blum hardware ships with the programme.

    With QuantumCAD Workshop you can produce the following from your drawing:

    • cut list
    • unit list
    • quote
    • cost
    • labour analysis
    • material list
    • hardware list.
  • QuantumCAD Fabricate

    For cabinetmakers and joiners

    All the features of QuantumCAD Design and Detail and a full screen-to-machine solution.

    QuantumCAD Manufacture features many industry standard CNC outputs:

    • Biesse CIX
    • Maestro CNC
    • DXF 2D
    • Woodwop
    • NC Hops
    • Woodflah
    • Xilog
    • Gannomat
    • 3D DXF – exports to Enroute, Aspan and Alphacam, with labelling and edge tape marking.

    Cut lists are produced in the following standard formats, including but not limited to:

    • Cutrite
    • XML
    • CSV
    • ARDIS
    • Maestronesting
    • Cutlist and Cutlist Plus.

    Fully editable cut lists are also available.

    Will convert complex spline geometry in machine exportable parts.

    Has the ability to customise your own fittings and millings.