In this 3 day course learn how to create a 3d modelled space and kitchen.

What’s covered:

  • Navigating the NZ Template
    • Layers and classes
  • Modelling building spaces
    • Floors, walls & ceilings
  • Modelling cabinetry with interior xs
  • Solids modelling
    • Countertop
    • Sink
  • Adding 3D library objects from other sources
  • Library set up
  • Presentation
    • Viewports and annotations
    • Rendering with Renderworks
  • Sheet layout & Title blocks

When: 9th July 2020 9.00am – 5pm – To be confirmed
Where: Megabits, 412c Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Coaches: Ross Harris
Class Size: This course is limited to 4 attendees.

Contact us to book your seat.